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Leaning in and letting go

ANNE MARIE DOLAN :: A new year can be looked at as leaning into a new season of life and may be viewed as going through a season of change like a trapeze artist.

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Making space for God

BILL TONER : : For those who, in their praying, long for some kind of union with God, it is hard to give up the hope that some day God will speak to them or communicate with them in their prayers.

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The death penalty and doctrine, Part 2

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The Pope's critics think he is illogical. Newman's understanding of development, however, suggests a very different way to look at it.

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The coming of Christ the ‘rebel’

DECLAN O'KEEFFE :: Songwriter Jackson Brown saw Jesus as a rebel and wondered how our celebrations of Christmas today would sit with the man whose anger cleared the temple of the moneychangers

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Balanced mood, balanced life

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Conversations with a psychotherapist and a spiritual companion set the author on a journey to explore ways to maintain balanced mood for a balanced life.

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The ‘normalcy’ of homelessness

KEVIN HARGADEN :: The recent spate of harsh language around homelessness expresses a dangerous trend in our society. This is something Christians should be furious about.

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The greatest of these is charity, not clarity

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Fr Thomas G Weinandy's recent letter to the Pope was wrong on many counts. Not least it lays undue stress on clarity – at the expense of charity

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