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The Dead of Winter

DECLAN O'KEEFFE :: Snow is much more likely to arrive during Lent and to coincide with our remembrance of His 40 days in the desert.

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Getting under the skin of racism in Ireland

KEVIN HARGADEN :: We Irish have no right to imagine that racism is a problem just for other countries, particularly given the way we treat the Travelling Community

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The Church and #metoo

KEVIN HARGADEN :: In the last year a remarkable shift has begun in attitudes around sexual abuse that, while very difficult, demand the attention of Christians

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Relating inward and outward

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Strengthening our relationships requires us to look within ourselves and outside of ourselves. Can we learn anything new from a mystic or a psychologist?

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Leaning in and letting go

ANNE MARIE DOLAN :: A new year can be looked at as leaning into a new season of life and may be viewed as going through a season of change like a trapeze artist.

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Making space for God

BILL TONER : : For those who, in their praying, long for some kind of union with God, it is hard to give up the hope that some day God will speak to them or communicate with them in their prayers.

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The death penalty and doctrine, Part 2

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The Pope's critics think he is illogical. Newman's understanding of development, however, suggests a very different way to look at it.

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