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St Ignatius – not just a simple mystic

Brian O'Leary speaks about the mysticism of St Ignatius and about Ignatius's road map for those who want to embody a 'contemplative stance'

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Creating a space for deep pain

Dr Annemarie Paulin-Campbell discusses the interface between Christian spirituality and psychology in a South Africa that is still severely affected by the apartheid era

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Climate change is a justice issue

The JCFJ have put their focus on justice for the poor in their submission to Citizens' Assembly which convenes in Dublin this weekend to discuss climate change

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Spiritual Tourism

At the end of National Holy Wells Day, Dr Bernadette Flanagan spoke to Pat Coyle about Spiritual Tourism, and her work with SpIRE

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Interview with an Irish Jesuit bishop

Alan McGuckian SJ has been appointed as Bishop of Raphoe. Pat Coyle of Irish Jesuit Communications interviewed him last year in Belfast about his Jesuit life

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