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‘Silence’ – an amazing film

Scorsese's latest film 'Silence' may be set in 17th century Japan but it resonates with modern day issues like the torture of prisoners and the persecution of Christians.

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Taking stock of the Paris Agreement

One year on from Paris Agreement on climate change, Environmental Justice Officer Catherine Devitt reviews progress to date

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A man of ‘creative fidelity’

Fr Peter Hans Kolvenbach SJ will be remembered for his firm but creative leadership that saw the Jesuit Order through a difficult period in its recent history, says Gerry O'Hanlon

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A Jesuit and a Roshi

American Jesuit and Zen Buddhist teacher, Robert Kennedy, says Buddhism has enhanced his Jesuit vocation

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Kevin Barry revisited

Former IRA bomber Shane Paul O'Doherty found echoes of Kevin Barry's life in his own, and wrote a play about the 'Belvedere Boy'

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Why did the Jesuits elect Fr Sosa?

Michael O'Sullivan SJ says that to understand why the Jesuits elected someone like Fr Sosa, one has to look at the context, as well as the man himself.

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