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Bad Language

BILL TONER :: Yuval Noah Hararai, denies the existence of everything that is not a brute material object. He says everything else is myth. This is an appalling impoverishment of language.

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Can we rediscover God?

Bill Toner SJ :: Have things changed so much in recent decades that deep reflection about God is practically impossible?

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Some reflections on Dawkins

Bill Toner SJ :: At the heart of purely physicalist accounts of evolution is a failure to address adequately the mystery of human consciousness

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A fond farewell

Jesuits, colleagues and members of the Curia staff bid a fond farewell with warm thanks to Tom Layden, Irish Jesuit Provincial for the past six years

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What happens after we die?

BILL TONER SJ :: After Vatican II hell was downplayed. The dominant message was that God wants all people to be saved. But saved from what, or for what?

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What does it mean to be ‘saved’?

BILL TONER SJ :: When I was studying theology in Milltown Park I visited home one Sunday. I told my father that I had to leave a bit early to finish an essay. He asked me what the essay was about and I said, “Well, the title is, ‘The notion of satisfaction in the soteriology of St Thomas Aquinas’”. My father replied, “What the hell use would that be to you working as a priest in Gardiner Street?”

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