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What happened in Chile?

Michael O'Sullivan SJ lived in Chile in the 1980s, when the Church was seen to be on the side of the people. Much has changed, as Pope Francis's visit has shown. Michael speaks to Soul Waves Radio.

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Where to for the Irish Church?

The lead articles of the Spring 2017 issue of Studies all concur in the judgement that a phase – at least a phase – of Irish Catholicism has ended

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How much freedom of speech?

The Summer 2016 issue of Studies confronts the hard questions about the rights and limits to freedom of speech raised by the 'Charlie Hebdo' attack on 7 January 2015.

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The Pope is not infallible

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The Church does not, strictly speaking, teach that the Pope is infallible. George Wilson, an American Jesuit, explains the issue in a recent Commonweal article

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Insight into inspirations of Pope Francis

Austen Ivereigh, British religious journalist and writer, spoke on 2 March in Gardiner Street Church on 'Pope Francis: Behind the mission'. He examined the development of thought of Jorge Bergoglio, and particularly his understanding of reform.

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The Church and paternalism

The Milltown Institute's spring lecture series on the reception of Vatican II over 50 years continued with 'Is the Church unjustifiably paternalistic in speaking of the common good', by Patrick Riordan SJ (Heythrop College, London)

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