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Inspirational Jesuits

Saint Peter Canisius

Hailed as the Second Apostle of Germany, Saint Peter Canisius dedicated his life to the revitalisation of the Catholic Church across Central Europe after the ruptures of the Reformation.

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Jacques Dupuis

Having spent decades of life in India in the midst of a culture so different to his own, Jacques Dupuis was an avid advocate of interfaith dialogue and religious pluralism, even in the face of investigation into his teachings and writings from the Vatican itself.

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Saint Francis Xavier

An important task as seen by the early Jesuits was to travel far and wide to offer their services, and none travelled farther than Saint Francis Xavier.

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Bernard Lonergan

Canadian Jesuit Bernard Lonergan was a 20th century philosopher and theologian of immense importance. Specifically he worked within the Thomist tradition, but not in a narrowly neo-scholastic way.

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Pedro Arrupe

Pedro Arrupe SJ

As Father General of the Society of Jesus for eighteen years, Pedro Arrupe navigated the Order in the years following Vatican II and focussed the efforts of the society on giving aid to the poor.

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Ignacio Ellacuría

Ignacio Ellacuría SJ is widely regarded as a brilliant contributor to the development in Catholic theology of the notion of the 'preferential option for the poor'.

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Blessed Rupert Mayer

Known as the ‘Apostle of Munich’, Blessed Rupert Mayer SJ, survived two world wars – the first as chaplain-in-service of those who fought and died, and the second as a prisoner.

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William Johnston

Born in a time in Northern Ireland when religious strife and segregation was prevalent, William Johnston went on to become one of the foremost persons in the area of interfaith dialogue, after encountering Buddhism while in Japan.

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Luís Archer

The Society of Jesus has produced men of brilliance in a vast range of areas outside of religious learning. From artists to astronomers, many of them have acquired expertise which addresses more than people's spiritual needs. Luís Archer showed that science and religion can not just coexist, but can allow each other to mutually prosper.

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