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Community alternatives, not imprisonment

A newly published report from the CSO on prison and probation recidivism shows necessity for systemic change to reduce re-offending, says Jesuit Centre

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Blessed Rupert Mayer

Known as the ‘Apostle of Munich’, Blessed Rupert Mayer SJ, survived two world wars – the first as chaplain-in-service of those who fought and died, and the second as a prisoner.

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William Johnston

William Johnston found commonality in meditation and the search for wisdom among the major world religions. He also translated a Japanese novel which later turned into the 2016 film Silence.

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Peter McVerry

For more than four decades Peter McVerry has committed himself to the welfare of the homeless in Dublin.

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Luís Archer

The Society of Jesus has produced men of brilliance in a vast range of areas outside of religious learning. From artists to astronomers, many of them have acquired expertise which addresses more than people's spiritual needs. Luís Archer showed that science and religion can not just coexist, but can allow each other to mutually prosper.

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