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Dermot Roantree

View all postsDermot Roantree is content editor with Irish Jesuit Communications. He has a doctorate in Modern History and many years of teaching and of e-learning projects behind him. He is married with two children.

The ironies of Catholic traditionalism

DERMOT ROANTREE :: There are some disconcerting ironies in the attitude of Catholic traditionalism, not least that it has come to resemble the very thing it opposes

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The death penalty and doctrine, Part 2

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The Pope's critics think he is illogical. Newman's understanding of development, however, suggests a very different way to look at it.

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The greatest of these is charity, not clarity

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Fr Thomas G Weinandy's recent letter to the Pope was wrong on many counts. Not least it lays undue stress on clarity – at the expense of charity

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The death penalty and doctrine, Part 1

DERMOT ROANTREE :: To understand the accusations of heresy which traditionalists level at the Pope, it's necessary to examine the 'clash of mentalities'

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Called to do the impossible

DERMOT ROANTREE :: We have an infinite duty to other people – a duty we simply cannot fulfill. At least, though, we can refrain from acting as if some people have a greater value than others.

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The quality of mercy

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Pope Francis's efforts to bring a neglected theme – in this case mercy – to bear on the life of the Church is fully in keeping with normal traditions of development.

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The gift of darkness

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Leonard Cohen's new album, 'You want it darker', is a fitting conclusion to a life of art that probed the mystery of the divine and the human.

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Shaped by death: Nick Cave’s new album

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Everything about 'The Skeleton Tree' is beautiful but heart-breaking. While preparing it, Cave heard that his son had died in an accident.

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‘Amoris Laetitia’ – putting the pastoral first

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The moral approach advocated in 'Amoris Laetitia' is about putting God's mercy first in all pastoral situations, not (as some have claimed) about accommodating the sexual revolution.

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