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Dermot Roantree

View all postsDermot Roantree is content editor with Irish Jesuit Communications. He has a doctorate in Modern History and many years of teaching and of e-learning projects behind him. He is married with two children.

Does being Christian make a difference?

DERMOT ROANTREE :: When it comes to such issues as immigration and the needs of suffering peoples, what difference should one's Christianity make?

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The Pope is not infallible

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The Church does not, strictly speaking, teach that the Pope is infallible. George Wilson, an American Jesuit, explains the issue in a recent Commonweal article

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The difference mercy makes

DERMOT ROANTREE :: It is the conservative critics of Pope Francis, not those who favoured the Kasper proposal at the recent Synod on the Family, who need to account for their position.

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Church doctrine: The same but different

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Post 2 in series on 'Change we can believe in'. The Church makes the proud claim to be 'always the same' – the same even when it's different.

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Change we can believe in, No. 1

DERMOT ROANTREE :: One of the features of the current pontificate is that it has given rise to unending chatter about the Church and change. Sometimes the talk is about minor matters, but often there are rumblings about bigger changes afoot.

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Bonhoeffer in Rome

DERMOT ROANTREE :: On his visit to Italy as an 18-year-old in 1924, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was enthralled by the sights he witnessed in the Jesuit mother-church, the Gesù, and in other Roman churches. This experience gave him a new understanding of the meaning of 'Church'.

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Pope Francis and his discontents

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Pope Francis may be the most popular man in the world, but he certainly has his critics. The most vocal – and at times intemperate – of these may be found in the ranks of those who self-identify as conservative Catholics. The problem at base is different understandings of Vatican II.

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