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Gavin T. Murphy

gavinGavin T. Murphy attended Belvedere College and is a Psychology graduate of the University of Scranton, USA. He has a Masters in Applied Spirituality.

Vigilant of intolerance

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: A poetic reflection on vigilance of the dysphoric state in line with the Jesuits' new apostolic preference for young people.

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Vigilant of the shadow

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: The first poetic reflection on mental health for young people in line with the Jesuits' new apostolic preference.

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Shining like angels

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: A reflection on how people influence others in a myriad of positive ways: as loved ones, acquaintances, strangers, even as perceived enemies.

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Surviving ‘Blue Monday’

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Six guidelines on how to endure or even transcend the third Monday of January which has become known as the bleakest day of the year.

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Bursts of loveliness

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: A reflection on a Jesuit tradition of finding God in all things through the practice of Zen Buddhist meditation.

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Loving my support network

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: The blogger, who lives with bipolar disorder, goes on a mission to hear and respond to the needs of those who care for him.

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The intent and way of tea

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: The Irish tradition of tea drinking is meditative at its core, creating a “warm safe space” and celebrating “belonging” among people.

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Minding myself, minding others

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: For people with mental illness, there are certain critical considerations when it comes to living with others.

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