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Gavin T. Murphy

gavinGavin T. Murphy attended Belvedere College and is a Psychology graduate of the University of Scranton, USA. He has a Masters in Applied Spirituality.

Fully alive, fully emotional

Gavin T. Murphy reflects on his emotional responses and numbness from his father's death and his friend's wedding, with surprising insights to be more fully alive.

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The love of a big hug

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Last January Pope Francis remarked that going to confession is not like going to the dry cleaners to get a stain removed: "It’s about going to meet with our Father who pardons us, who forgives us and who rejoices”.

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A light through the darkness

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Our humanity tells us that we are vulnerable people, that we need each other for love, intimacy and wholeness. As Christians, we believe that God is very much part of this picture - that we are transformed into beings of dignity, respect and compassion.

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