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Guest blogger

What happened at Lund?

BRIAN O'LEARY SJ :: The warmth and sense of community during Pope Francis's visit to Lund, Sweden, helped to put paid to the myth that the Jesuits were founded to destroy the Lutherans.

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Seeing life through the lens of the Gospel

Niall Leahy SJ :: As part of MAGIS 2016 I spent a week with children who had physical and mental disabilities. I am very grateful to God for being invited into the lives of these Polish children.

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The Irish proclamation and a culture of life

JOHN DOOLEY SJ :: Patrick Pearse would be disappointed with the change of wording to our proclamation which no longer cherishes the unborn. My dream is to help in building a culture of life in our land.

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Be merciful, just as your father is merciful

GERRY CLARKE SJ :: Pope Francis has put it very simply: “The Church is not in the world to condemn, but to make possible an encounter with the visceral love that is God’s mercy.”

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May the Creator God be praised!

Pope Francis

GERRY WHELAN SJ :: The call for dialogue runs deep in the theology of Pope Francis. He insists that authentic progress will only be made in history when there is broad-based dialogue, from the international level to the most local level, on all issues of importance that relate to our communal wellbeing.

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The marriage referendum: Why I voted yes

EDMOND GRACE SJ :: What gay people are looking for, access to marriage, is itself a good, and when the state denies them access it causes an intense, counter-productive hostility, a climate in which it is impossible to promote the Church's teaching on marriage.

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Two years of Pope Francis

MICHAEL PAUL GALLAGHER SJ :: After two years of his pontificate, it is easy to identify how Pope Francis is different from recent popes. He clearly offers a somewhat different reading of faith, church, history, spirituality and of the pastoral needs of today.

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Can God and evil co-exist?

BRIAN GROGAN SJ :: ‘Monstrous’ and ‘a maniac’ was how Steven Fry described God on RTÉ. Brian Grogan SJ, who responded to fry on a Newstalk panel with Pat Kenny, here reflects on the substantive issue: Is God to blame for evil?

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Je ne suis pas Charlie

BRIAN LENNON SJ :: 'Je suis Charlie' is a passionate cry to defend our right to dissent and to challenge. But a question remains to be answered: even if we have a political right to mock and blaspheme, do we have a moral right to do so? Can we not disagree without being gratuitously insulting?

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