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Kevin Hargaden

Kevin Hargaden leads the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, where he works as a Social Theologian. Originally from Kildare, he is an elder at Lucan Presbyterian Church in Ireland.


The Church and #metoo

KEVIN HARGADEN :: In the last year a remarkable shift has begun in attitudes around sexual abuse that, while very difficult, demand the attention of Christians

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The ‘normalcy’ of homelessness

KEVIN HARGADEN :: The recent spate of harsh language around homelessness expresses a dangerous trend in our society. This is something Christians should be furious about.

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Grenfell and the Good Samaritan

KEVIN HARGADEN :: At the core of the tragedy of Grenfell Tower lies the chronic failure of a market-driven society to acknowledge the Gospel's radical call to hospitality and care.

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Flying in the face of justice

Kevin Hargaden: : The story of Holy Week comes alive as we watch a video of a Chinese doctor being brutally evicted off a United Airlines plane.

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