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GAVIN T. MURPHY :: This blog examines St. Francis of Assisi’s grateful response in the midst of great pain and a wedding full of special moments. A personal prayer is presented too.

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Becoming saints

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Without spiritual discipline, we complain, do nothing, and turn into jelly. With it, we channel our energy like saints in the direction of beauty, light, and love.

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Passing on our values

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Jesuit educators try to instill quality values among their students, and it is hoped that they will become deep-rooted and passed on to others.

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Calling from the grave

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: The path of fragility turns pain into gentleness and it is a transformational force that is needed in our society.

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Insights along the Camino

DECLAN O'KEEFFE :: Valuing people, appreciating the gift of time, and accepting a never-ending pilgrimage are just a few insights learned along the Camino de Santiago.

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Grenfell and the Good Samaritan

KEVIN HARGADEN :: At the core of the tragedy of Grenfell Tower lies the chronic failure of a market-driven society to acknowledge the Gospel's radical call to hospitality and care.

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Bad Language

BILL TONER :: Yuval Noah Hararai, denies the existence of everything that is not a brute material object. He says everything else is myth. This is an appalling impoverishment of language.

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Ignatian wisdom for loving life

Gavin T. Murphy :: Ignatian wisdom has been a key element in my journey towards loving mental illness and loving life. I present a few gems that may work for you too.

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Can we rediscover God?

Bill Toner SJ :: Have things changed so much in recent decades that deep reflection about God is practically impossible?

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