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‘Come away and rest for a while’

Patrick Muldoon :: Lay Retreat Association offers special places of quiet, silence and adoration through which God’s Spirit can be heard.

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It is good to judge like Pope Francis judges

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Pope Francis is a straight talker. He does not intend to trample on people’s toes, rather he makes judgements for the sound mental health of the general population.

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‘Amoris Laetitia’ – putting the pastoral first

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The moral approach advocated in 'Amoris Laetitia' is about putting God's mercy first in all pastoral situations, not (as some have claimed) about accommodating the sexual revolution.

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The Irish proclamation and a culture of life

JOHN DOOLEY SJ :: Patrick Pearse would be disappointed with the change of wording to our proclamation which no longer cherishes the unborn. My dream is to help in building a culture of life in our land.

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Expanding my Catholic circle

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: I actively engaged with a number of Catholic groups over the last few months. I share my experience which encompasses a shared familiarity of the divine.

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Be merciful, just as your father is merciful

GERRY CLARKE SJ :: Pope Francis has put it very simply: “The Church is not in the world to condemn, but to make possible an encounter with the visceral love that is God’s mercy.”

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Does being Christian make a difference?

DERMOT ROANTREE :: When it comes to such issues as immigration and the needs of suffering peoples, what difference should one's Christianity make?

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The Pope is not infallible

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The Church does not, strictly speaking, teach that the Pope is infallible. George Wilson, an American Jesuit, explains the issue in a recent Commonweal article

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A language of pre-evangelisation

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: The late Michael Paul Gallagher SJ spoke of a language of pre-evangelisation that is needed today. In the same vein I want to speak about the language of my own journey.

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