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Expanding my Catholic circle

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: I actively engaged with a number of Catholic groups over the last few months. I share my experience which encompasses a shared familiarity of the divine.

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Be merciful, just as your father is merciful

GERRY CLARKE SJ :: Pope Francis has put it very simply: “The Church is not in the world to condemn, but to make possible an encounter with the visceral love that is God’s mercy.”

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Does being Christian make a difference?

DERMOT ROANTREE :: When it comes to such issues as immigration and the needs of suffering peoples, what difference should one's Christianity make?

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The Pope is not infallible

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The Church does not, strictly speaking, teach that the Pope is infallible. George Wilson, an American Jesuit, explains the issue in a recent Commonweal article

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A language of pre-evangelisation

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: The late Michael Paul Gallagher SJ spoke of a language of pre-evangelisation that is needed today. In the same vein I want to speak about the language of my own journey.

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The Russian face of mercy

TOM CASEY SJ :: A reflection on the Russian face of mercy with the inspiration of poet Anna Akhmatova, on the eve of Francis, Bishop of Rome, meeting with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia in Havana, Cuba.

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God’s abundant mercy

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: It is never too late to receive God’s unlimited forgiveness, no matter how wayward we have been. All it takes is an acknowledgement of our humanity, for our cracks to be filled with God’s light.

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The difference mercy makes

DERMOT ROANTREE :: It is the conservative critics of Pope Francis, not those who favoured the Kasper proposal at the recent Synod on the Family, who need to account for their position.

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The Greyhound bus

PAULA NOLAN :: The Greyhound bus arrived an hour late into Medway Truck Stop, outside Columbia, Missouri. For company while waiting I had a young African-American man ...

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