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How Jesuits dress

PAUL ANDREWS SJ :: At my first Mass I voiced the hope that I would not have to wear black all my life; but I did not anticipate all the issues that would arise over dress, and the sartorial decisions for which I was unprepared.

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A light through the darkness

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Our humanity tells us that we are vulnerable people, that we need each other for love, intimacy and wholeness. As Christians, we believe that God is very much part of this picture - that we are transformed into beings of dignity, respect and compassion.

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May the Creator God be praised!

Pope Francis

GERRY WHELAN SJ :: The call for dialogue runs deep in the theology of Pope Francis. He insists that authentic progress will only be made in history when there is broad-based dialogue, from the international level to the most local level, on all issues of importance that relate to our communal wellbeing.

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Losing a generation

PAUL ANDREWS SJ :: Next Friday, 19 June, marks the 64th anniversary of an appalling accident near Munich, Germany, in which sixteen Jesuits were killed (15 German and one British) when their truck was hit by a train.

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The marriage referendum: Why I voted yes

EDMOND GRACE SJ :: What gay people are looking for, access to marriage, is itself a good, and when the state denies them access it causes an intense, counter-productive hostility, a climate in which it is impossible to promote the Church's teaching on marriage.

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The Irish Referendum – discerning the spirits

GERRY O'HANLON SJ :: The 'yes' side in the recent marriage referendum won a decisive victory. The Church, as Archbishop Martin has acknowledged, needs a reality check. But what shape should that reality check take?

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The joy of running

PATRICK MULDOON :: I love running. My love of running began when I was nine years old and I haven’t fallen out of love with it since. Running sets me free, it declutters my mind, and it connects me with God.

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Anzac, archives and the bullshit detector

DAMIEN BURKE :: Six Jesuits, five of them Irish-born, served with the Anzac forces at Gallipoli. There are good reasons to commemorate this ill-fated event. Jingoism, however, is not one of them.

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REVIEW: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

FILM REVIEW FROM AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC OFFICE FOR FILM AND BROADCASTING :: This recent release is an entertaining, worthy successor to the Marvel Avenger movies that have preceded it

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Following your nose

PAULA NOLAN :: In the past the world was full of 'people smells', but many of them were replaced by the scents of the cosmetic/pharmaceutical industry. All the old smells are far from gone, however. We are still surrounded by poverty.

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