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Church doctrine: The same but different

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Post 2 in series on 'Change we can believe in'. The Church makes the proud claim to be 'always the same' – the same even when it's different.

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Change we can believe in, No. 1

DERMOT ROANTREE :: One of the features of the current pontificate is that it has given rise to unending chatter about the Church and change. Sometimes the talk is about minor matters, but often there are rumblings about bigger changes afoot.

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Pope Francis and the death of the global economy

TOM CASEY SJ :: Imagine the world economy actually collapses during Pope Francis’ visit to the USA. Okay, what I’m saying sounds really far-fetched. In fact, the statistical probability of this happening before Sunday must be close to zero...

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A pilgrim in Loyola

PATRICK MULDOON :: I work with the Jesuits on the prayer website Sacred Space. It is inspired by the spirituality of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, a sixteenth-century Basque...

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The love of a big hug

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Last January Pope Francis remarked that going to confession is not like going to the dry cleaners to get a stain removed: "It’s about going to meet with our Father who pardons us, who forgives us and who rejoices”.

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New ways to bring the message

PATRICK MULDOON :: Pope Francis encourages all Christians to announce the joy of the Gospel. Digital Evangelisation is about bringing the message of the Gospel to the frontiers of the Internet.

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How Jesuits dress

PAUL ANDREWS SJ :: At my first Mass I voiced the hope that I would not have to wear black all my life; but I did not anticipate all the issues that would arise over dress, and the sartorial decisions for which I was unprepared.

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A light through the darkness

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: Our humanity tells us that we are vulnerable people, that we need each other for love, intimacy and wholeness. As Christians, we believe that God is very much part of this picture - that we are transformed into beings of dignity, respect and compassion.

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May the Creator God be praised!

Pope Francis

GERRY WHELAN SJ :: The call for dialogue runs deep in the theology of Pope Francis. He insists that authentic progress will only be made in history when there is broad-based dialogue, from the international level to the most local level, on all issues of importance that relate to our communal wellbeing.

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Losing a generation

PAUL ANDREWS SJ :: Next Friday, 19 June, marks the 64th anniversary of an appalling accident near Munich, Germany, in which sixteen Jesuits were killed (15 German and one British) when their truck was hit by a train.

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