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Messenger of light

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: A moment when the blogger experienced the simple and profound communion with nature at the house of Saint Ignatius Loyola in Spain.

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A transcendent model of reality

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: The Bursting out in Praise Triangle, based on research and reflection, is an easy to understand model of spirituality and mental health.

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Make a joyful sound

DECLAN O'KEEFFE :: A reflection at Clongowes Morning Prayer on making good, wise and joyful use of whatever time is given one in this life.

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Loving presence meditation

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: A meditation on the death and life of Jesus to accompany young people in the creation of a hope-filled future.

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‘Going forward’ on the Camino

CHRIS LUMB :: The headmaster of Clongowes reflects ahead of his pilgrimage with students and staff in the footsteps of St Ignatius Loyola.

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Vigilant of total disconnect

GAVIN T. MURPHY :: A poetic reflection on vigilance of the manic state in line with the Jesuits' new apostolic preference for young people.

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If this is your cup of tea…

PAULA NOLAN :: This year's RHA Exhibition of visual arts will have on display a photo taken at Manresa House, the Novitiate in Birmingham

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