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Paul Andrews SJ

Paul Andrews SJPaul Andrews is currently editor of Irish Jesuit News. He spent many years working in education and in spiritual direction and psychotherapy. He has also written extensively on child psychology, spirituality and Jesuit history.

How Jesuits dress

PAUL ANDREWS SJ :: At my first Mass I voiced the hope that I would not have to wear black all my life; but I did not anticipate all the issues that would arise over dress, and the sartorial decisions for which I was unprepared.

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Losing a generation

PAUL ANDREWS SJ :: Next Friday, 19 June, marks the 64th anniversary of an appalling accident near Munich, Germany, in which sixteen Jesuits were killed (15 German and one British) when their truck was hit by a train.

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A change to child benefits?

PAUL ANDREWS SJ :: When a girl becomes pregnant, whether or not she is happy with the fact, she is vulnerable and in need of help. So too is her unborn child. How can society attend to these new needs?

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Raising consciousness about alcohol

PAUL ANDREWS SJ :: The Pioneer Association was established by the Jesuits in 1898 in response to a chronic alcohol problem in this country. Things are by no means better today. How can we raise consciousness on this issue?

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Sisters in conflict

PAUL ANDREWS SJ :: On Tuesday 3 March, Clongowes and Belvedere will line out against each other in the semi-final of the Leinster Schools rugby cup. The encounter, however, is unlikely to match the drama of the 1926 final between these two sides.

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