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Paula Nolan

pnolan_01Paula Nolan is a graphic designer with many years of experience working in the Irish publishing industry. Currently she does graphic design for Messenger Publications.

If this is your cup of tea…

PAULA NOLAN :: This year's RHA Exhibition of visual arts will have on display a photo taken at Manresa House, the Novitiate in Birmingham

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Suffer little children

Paula Nolan :: Over 10,000 people attended the homelesness march, but never in my history of attending public protests have I seen so many children.

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The Greyhound bus

PAULA NOLAN :: The Greyhound bus arrived an hour late into Medway Truck Stop, outside Columbia, Missouri. For company while waiting I had a young African-American man ...

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Following your nose

PAULA NOLAN :: In the past the world was full of 'people smells', but many of them were replaced by the scents of the cosmetic/pharmaceutical industry. All the old smells are far from gone, however. We are still surrounded by poverty.

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Don’t shoot the messenger

PAULA NOLAN :: It may be true that the 'Out-of-control' drink awareness campaign is a marketing ploy of the drink industry giant, Diageo, but, according to Paula Nolan, that doesn't mean it can't do some good.

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