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Better than Babylon: A new vision for western culture

What is Babylon? Babylon is that which blocks our access to the door of possibility, that which impoverishes. Babylon is the part of Western culture that imprisons us with its seductive images of false happiness and fulfillment. Better Than Babylon invites us to break free of our prisons...

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Irish Jesuit chaplains in the First World War

At a time of great turmoil at home in Ireland, thirty-two Irish Jesuits signed up to minister to Catholic soldiers on the European battlefields of the First World War. Damien Burke, assistant archivist to the Irish Jesuit Province, has edited a fascinating collection of essays on eleven Irish Jesuit Chaplains...

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The life and lens of Father Browne

This is the story of the extraordinary Father Frank Browne SJ, Irish Jesuit and photographer. Favourably compared with the great Cartier-Bresson, Father Browne is generally considered to be Ireland’s most important photographer of the twentieth century.

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Redemption Road: Grieving on the Camino

Struggling to come to terms with his brother’s suicide, Jesuit priest Brendan McManus decides to walk the Camino de Santiago, the famous Spanish pilgrimage route, where he undergoes a profoundly transformative journey of rebirth and renewal that moves through grief and anger to hope, gratitude and acceptance.

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To Grow in Love

This book addresses primarily those who know ageing from the inside,but if you have not yet entered that strange world, knowledge of its landscape may help you relate more richly to those who have. It may also help you in your own journey towards 'the third age'.

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Rediscovering the Eucharist

Raymond Moloney SJ

Publisher: Messenger Publications

bk eucharist moloneyIn this book, theologian Ray Maloney SJ uses his theological expertise to help the reader deepen their devotion to the Eucharist. Theology, he believes, is not an end in itself, but rather should give us greater depth in prayer and devotion.

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When you pray

Finbar Lynch SJ

Publisher: Messenger Publications

bk whenyoupray lynchThis book had its beginnings in a series of ten-minute talks on prayer to help retreatants at Manresa Retreat House in Dublin. The author has reworked the talks for a wider audience and in particular for those who want to develop their own personal prayer.

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Jesuits in Hong Kong, South China and Beyond

by Todd Morrissey SJ

Irish Distributor: Messenger Publications

bk hongkong morrisseyJesuits in Hong Kong, South China and Beyond: Irish Jesuit mission - its development 1926-2006: Irish Jesuits have long been associated with delivering the word of God in China. Their story is the focus of this book.

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Reaping the harvest

Fifty Years after Vatican II

Suzanne Mulligan (ed.), Jim Corkery SJ, Gerry O'Hanlon SJ

Publisher: Columba Press

When Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council on 11 October 1962, few people could have foreseen the impact that it would have on the life of the Church. Many believed that the Council would simply ratify familiar positions, and that its business would be concluded in a matter of months.

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