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Letters to the Editor – Irish Times

<blockquote>Madam, – Could I suggest that the PDs postpone their tax cuts until all homeless people have been given beds? – Yours, etc,<br /> Fr PETER McVERRY SJ,<br /> Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice,<br /> Upper Sherrard Street,<br /> Dublin 1.</blockquote>

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The politics of Podge and Rodge… – Irish Independent

The writer asks what Michael McDowell learnt in Gonzaga,<br /> <blockquote>Had he learned irony from the Jesuits, you might see this as a brilliant stroke: as a mockery of auction politics by outlining an offer of a PD paradise that nobody could refuse and nobody could match – and nobody could believe. Alas, it seems he is in deadly earnest.</blockquote>

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Seán Mac Réamoinn

<em>Journalist Seán Mac Réamoinn dies in Dublin hospital aged 85 years</em> was one of many articles and obituaries in which reference was made to Seán Jesuit education. In the <em>Irish Times </em>Deaglán de Bréadún writes, <br /> <blockquote>One of Ireland’s leading broadcasters and journalist in Irish and English, Seán Mac Réamoinn, died at St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, yesterday morning ...

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The Irish Catholic

Are we drifting towards a more lawless society?<br /> NEWS IN BRIEF<br /> Jesuit Centre backs call for new Junior Minister for Integration<br /> Jesuit criticised ‘Eucharistic fundamentalism'<br /> (What is love? Reflections on a theme)

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Paul Miki, Japanese samurai, Christian martyr – The Corkman

Monsignor Denis O’Callaghan describes Paul Miki’s life,<br /> <blockquote>The Shogun in 1597 had decided to suppress the Christian faith as central to his policy of closing off Japan from Western influence. Nagasaki had a vibrant Christian community The crucifixion there of Paul Miki and his companions was expected to terrorise that group of Christians into apostasy. The result was quite ...

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Minister on a mission – The Irish Times

<em>Minister on a mission: A week in Zambia with Mary Hanafin</em> describes the minister’s tour and refers to Michael Kelly on 9 February,<br /> <blockquote>Fr Michael Kelly is a slight, softly-spoken Jesuit from Tullamore, Co Offaly. He is also one of the most remarkable people that one could wish to meet.<br /> His story is one of a lifetime dedicated ...

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