Huge rise in numbers sleeping rough

June 18, 2013 in News
homelessness 01

homelessness 01

The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice has called for a dramatic increase in the supply of affordable, secure, and appropriate accommodation.The centre was responding to a report of 28May which revealed that the number of people sleeping rough increased by 30 per cent over the year in the Dublin region.

Eoin Carroll, Advocacy Officer in the JCFJ says they welcome the Government’s policy of a ‘housing-led approach’ to tackling long-term homelessness whereby individuals and families are rapidly provided with sustainable homes and if needed, additional supports. The alternative to this policy approach is that of long term hostel accommodation and prolonged periods in ‘transitional housing’.

However, Carroll notes, “If the ‘housing-led approach’ is to have a real impact there needs to be a dramatic increase in the supply of affordable, secure, and appropriate accommodation. The JCFJ believes that current policy of relying primarily on the private rented sector to meet this need is flawed and that there must be a dramatic increase in the provision of social rental units.”

 The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice’s recent submission to the Dublin Homeless Executive highlights the lack of housing for people who are homeless and the need for improved standards in emergency accommodation.

In the submission the Centre also highlights that ending the practice of sleeping rough can only be achieved through improvements in the current standards in homeless hostel accommodation. This would mean that people are provided with individual rooms and accommodated in facilities that are appropriate to their circumstances, based on age, and whether or not they are misusing drugs or alcohol.

 If supports are required, they say, these should be individually tailored. There also needs to be a commitment to ensuring that people are able to move out of emergency accommodation in hours, days or weeks (maximum eight weeks) rather than months.
Read the full submission here.