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Jesuit answers questions on ‘life after death’ in new book

Is there a hell? Where has limbo gone? What will heaven be like? Will I ever meet my dead loved ones again?  Do people face judgement when they die? Just some of the questions tackled by Jesuit theologian Brian Grogan...

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Studies examines Catholicism after reports

Ian Elliot, CEO of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church, is the guest speaker at the launch of a special edition of the Jesuit journal Studies on the future of Catholicism in the wake of recent reports...

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Jesuit author debunks myths around God and suffering

Australian Jesuit and internationally known author and film critic Richard Leonard, debunks many of the myths people believe about the role of God in human suffering, in his latest book Where the Hell is God?

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“Joyce Jealous of Cardinal Newman”, says Jesuit Author

Cardinal Newman, who will be beatified by Pope Benedict in September, is the subject of a lecture by well-known author Michael Paul Gallagher SJ, in Gardiner St Church, Wed 1 Sept, at 7.30pm, 2011.

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