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‘The long learning of love’

'The long learning of love' was how Michael Paul Gallagher RIP described his life shortly before he died. Jesuit, family and friends having been paying tribute to him.

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‘Passion and Persuasion’

Dr Audrey Nicholls, art curator, takes Pat Coyle on a tour of 'Passion and Persuasion', an exhibition of Jesuit-inspired paintings in the National Gallery of Ireland. The exhibition has been attracting considerable crowds.

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Jesuits and the Arts

"The Society of Jesus was probably the most prolific patron of the arts in the Baroque era". This was the bold claim made by renowned historian John O'Malley SJ during his illustrated talk on 'The Jesuits and the Arts in the Tridentine Era'.

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The trouble with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

RICHARD LEONARD SJ :: Richard Leonard thinks that '50 Shades of Grey' is somewhat tragic. In interview with Pat Kenny on Newstalk he asks if this is the way we want our culture to deal with sexual violence against women.

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Richard Leonard provides a faith perspective

Australian Jesuit Richard Leonard spoke in Limerick and Galway recently about a life of faith and prayer, about dealing with suffering... and about '50 shades of Grey'.

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Better than Babylon: A new vision for western culture

What is Babylon? Babylon is that which blocks our access to the door of possibility, that which impoverishes. Babylon is the part of Western culture that imprisons us with its seductive images of false happiness and fulfillment. Better Than Babylon invites us to break free of our prisons...

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