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When in Rome…

What's it like being on lockdown in Rome and coping with the threat of Covid 19? Gerry Whelan SJ explains

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‘A joyful 35 minutes’

Feminism, synodality and International Women's Day were topics of discussion in Gerry Whelan SJ's recent meeting with Pope Francis

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The two Popes

Gerry Whelan SJ gives his take from Rome on the 'celibacy rule' controversy concerning Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict

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Retreat for Roman houses

Brian Mac Cuarta SJ and Gerry Whelan SJ took part in a recent retreat to improve the quality of their lives as Jesuits working in Rome

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Five years of Pope Francis

On the 5th anniversary of Pope Francis' election, Irish Jesuit theologian Gerry Whelan SJ in Rome, offers his highlights and lowlights of the papacy

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Where to for the Irish Church?

The lead articles of the Spring 2017 issue of Studies all concur in the judgement that a phase – at least a phase – of Irish Catholicism has ended

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