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Pedro Arrupe’s gift of creativity

Jim Corkery SJ, Professor of Theology at the Gregorian, spoke to Pat Coyle on the recent news that the case for beatification and canonisation of Pedro Arrupe has been opened

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GC36 puts ‘out into the deep’

In this video, Jim Corkery SJ explains the workings of a General Congregation as the 36th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus convenes in Rome on 2 October.

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Fr Jim Corkery SJ reflects on the first Jesuit Pope

Jesuit theologian Jim Corkery is co-author of a recently published book on the history of the papacy. If he updates it, Pope Francis has already given him plenty to write about, as is clear from this wide-ranging interview with Pat Coyle.

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Fr Jim Corkery SJ reflects on the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

Irish Jesuit theologian Jim Corkery studied under Josef Ratzinger and is the author of a book on his theology. This is a lecture he gave to the Irish Theological Association exploring the legacy of the theologian-pope. The last few minutes of his talk are missing.

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Reaping the harvest

Fifty Years after Vatican II

Suzanne Mulligan (ed.), Jim Corkery SJ, Gerry O'Hanlon SJ

Publisher: Columba Press

When Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council on 11 October 1962, few people could have foreseen the impact that it would have on the life of the Church. Many believed that the Council would simply ratify familiar positions, and that its business would be concluded in a matter of months.

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Joseph Ratzinger’s theological ideas: wise cautions and legitimate hopes

Jim Corkery SJ

Publishers:(Dublin) Dominican Publications, (US) Paulist Press

In Joseph Ratzinger’s Theological Ideas: Wise Cautions and Legitimate Hopes, Jim Corkery SJ argues against any simplistic caricaturing of Ratzinger’s thought, which he claims is highly nuanced and has exhibited striking consistency over the years: “Cardinal Ratzinger is Pope Benedict and contrary to what many believe there has been no huge shift in his thinking since becoming Pope.”

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GC35 delegates meet Pope

Thursday 21 February was a highlight for the GC35 delegates in Rome. Normal business was suspended, as they were all invited to meet with the Holy Father in the Clementine Hall, one of the audience halls of the Vatican. “There was an air of excitement as we were shepherded up immense staircases,” Jim Corkery SJ writes; “Swiss Guards standing at the ...

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