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Celebrating Irish Jesuit missionaries

Irish Jesuits International mark significant Jesuit anniversaries including the 70th anniversary of Frank Wafer SJ, known by the Tonga people as 'the one who sings'

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Missionary spring in the Church

In The Pope Video for October 2019, Francis proposes imparting a "new impulse to the Church’s missionary activity" based on a solid foundation of prayer

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Saint Paul Miki

The founding of the Society of Jesus coincided in time with the discovery of new continents and peoples across the world by Europeans. Saint Francis Xavier, one of the founding members of the Jesuits, arrived first in Japan in 1549. Though at first the Japanese proved slow to accept Christianity, missionary work picked up increasing momentum across the islands, to ...

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Jesuits in Lahore

Brian O'Leary SJ was invited to Pakistan to lecture on aspects of Ignatian spirituality. He found a small but vibrant group of Jesuits as well as many other dedicated religious. The political climate, however, was daunting. He reports.

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