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An alternative atonement theory

As Good Friday approaches, spiritual director Pat Coyle speaks of the inadequacies of current atonement theory

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‘Going but not leaving’

All Souls and All Saints day are really two sides of the one mysterious reality that is death, according to Dermot Roantree

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What happened in Chile?

Michael O'Sullivan SJ lived in Chile in the 1980s, when the Church was seen to be on the side of the people. Much has changed, as Pope Francis's visit has shown. Michael speaks to Soul Waves Radio.

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Religious broadcasting thriving

Soulwaves Radio, co-founded by the Jesuits, has had a successful year syndicating interviews that aired on radio stations around the country.

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The ‘terror’ of Christianity

'Communication in the Church - a New language or a New Message?', was the question addressed by Denis Bradley, former vice-chair of the Northern Ireland Police Authority, speaking at the AGM of Soulwaves Radio.

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