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The global economy is going bust and I’m at peace

If there is an economic meltdown and you lose everything, how can you have inner peace? Tom Casey SJ takes on the big questions of ordinary life in a series of eight talks in Harold's Cross parish church.

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Why aren’t we afraid of nuclear war?

TOM CASEY SJ :: As foreign ministers from major world powers hammer out a deal with Iran at a nuclear negotiating table in Lausanne, the troubling question of the annihilation of nations remains.

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Divine mercy two years on

TOM CASEY SJ :: As we mark the 2nd anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, Tom Casey argues that theologians could learn a lot from the Pope's message of mercy.

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The Auschwitz Jesuit Priest of Divine Mercy

TOM CASEY SJ :: Tuesday, 27th of January, 2015, is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Fr Tom Casey SJ shares the story of Fr Antoni Mruk SJ, an Auschwitz survivor he knew.

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Why Jesus never read the New Testament

Jesus meant so much to Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, that Ignatius once said he would have loved to have been Jewish himself, so that he could have been related to Jesus by blood as well as by discipleship.  It is almost 500 years since Ignatius begged his way to Jerusalem, hoping to stay for good ...

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Better than Babylon: A new vision for western culture

What is Babylon? Babylon is that which blocks our access to the door of possibility, that which impoverishes. Babylon is the part of Western culture that imprisons us with its seductive images of false happiness and fulfillment. Better Than Babylon invites us to break free of our prisons...

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