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The priests’ way of life

Nikolaas Sintobin SJ, a Flemish Jesuit who has close connections with the Irish Province, features in this month's Pope Video on active solidarity with those who are most poor

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WMOF: Young people discern

Young people from all over Europe prepared for the World Meeting of Families with a special retreat in Manresa, Dublin

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How discernment can change your life

TOM CASEY SJ :: During convalescence, Ignatius of Loyola learned to examine his life and discover the good desires that were drawing him to God – in other words, he learned 'discernment'

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‘Why would you join the Jesuits?’

Why would you join the Jesuits?

'Why would you join the Jesuits?', the third phase of the Irish Jesuit digital vocations strategy, went live on Wednesday 20 July.

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The Jesuit saint who wanted a small heart

TOM CASEY SJ :: A reflection on the vocation of Fr Jacques Berthieu, a humble and generous Jesuit priest who was martyred in 1896 and canonised in 2012.

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Becoming a priest of Jesus’ wounded heart

TOM CASEY SJ :: Friday, 3 June, is the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Fr. Tom Casey reflects on how the wounded heart of Jesus challenges him to be a more authentic priest.

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God can make a nobody into a priest

TOM CASEY SJ :: A thought for school-leavers – if God were a prospective employer, what would he be looking for in the interview? Probably not the same things as other employers.

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Attracting young people to religious life

Those involved in promoting vocations need to think differently and understand youth culture today, according to Bernhard Eckerstorfer OSB, an Austrian Benedictine speaking at a recent SpIRE event.

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