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Renewing a friendship between art and spirituality

At the recent Arts and Spirituality seminar in Manresa, Michael Paul Gallagher drew attention to our need to re-negotiate our self-understanding constantly, and to the role of narrative, of story-telling, in this endeavour. ‘Renewing a Friendship Between Art and Spirituality’ is an urgent theme in recent years, and has a particular relevance to our contemporary culture. I will attempt to ...

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Addressing moments of transcendence

At Manresa’s Arts and Spirituality seminar in August, writer and director Peter Sheridan spoke about how his understanding of both art and the spirit were greatly influenced by the tragic death of his brother, Frankie. The death of my brother Frankie in 1967 was always going to be the defining chapter in the book. He died on the 17th of ...

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Poems for Lent

These four poems were written by Colm Lavelle SJ. The first two are in keeping with Lent. The third is on the Eucharist (compare Phil 2, 5-11). The final poem strives to capture the experience of the tomb. I. Life doubt without Christ

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