October 27, 2014 in Becoming a Jesuit

For those Jesuits who enter the Society as candidates for priesthood, ordination to deaconate takes place during his third year of theology studies. He will then be ordained to the priesthood usually about six months after this. The decision to be ordained is not to be taken lightly. Therefore, before Jesuit scholastics are admitted to ordination they participate in a month long course called “The Arrupe Month”. Below is a short reflection by Fr. Andrew Cameron Mowat, the Jesuit responsible for formation in London, on the 2011 Arrupe Month in Valladolid.

During July a group of 9 Jesuit scholastics, presently in formation in London, plus one from Toronto, spent four weeks in prayer and reflection to prepare for their ordination to the diaconate and priesthood, with the inspiration of Fr General Pedro Arrupe, whose idea it was to promote this preparation. Fr Arrupe asked that scholastics should spend time in reviewing their desire for priesthood, their personal and affective maturity, and their integration into the wider church. He suggested that a group could spend “a quiet month” together, with “prayer, reflection, instruction on some of the central points of our spirituality and on the ministry of priesthood, spiritual direction, and an extended retreat of eight or more days individually guided.”

Photo: Mazur – catholicchurch.org.uk/Flickr