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Paul Andrews SJ

On 10 January, 1927, Paul was born in Omagh, Co.Tyrone, the second of four children, the eldest of them a girl. Because of frequent house-moves by his engineer father in search of employment, Paul attended six schools in England and Ireland, the best of them being Wimbledon College SJ.

He entered the Jesuits in Emo in September 1944, and in the course of his studies earned an MA in Classics (UCD) , a Licentiate in philosophy (Pullach bei Munchen), a post-graduate qualification in pedagogy, a Licentiate in theology (Gregorian University), a Master’s, then a doctorate in psychology (UCD and Birmingham University), and M.Psych.Sc. in psychotherapy (UCD).

Over the years he has taught in Clongowes, head-mastered in Gonzaga, served as superior in Belvedere and Manresa and as Province Consultor, directed St Declan’s special school and child guidance centre for 18 years, and served about 10,000 individual clients in psychotherapy or spiritual direction.

In the 1970s he chaired several national committees and wrote their reports, most notably the ICE (Intermediate Certificate Examination) and FIRE (Future Involvement of Religious in Education).

He wrote about 250 articles for the Sacred Heart Messenger, about 1700 contributions to Sacred Space, a best-selling book called Changing Children, and many sections of other books and magazines, in psychology, Jesuit history, and spirituality.

Since 2010 he works with the Jesuit Communications Centre and edits Irish Jesuit News, Interfuse, and Obituaries of Jesuits. Over the years he has enjoyed tennis, cricket, swimming, music, fishing, and golf.