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Why I became a Jesuit

Brendan McManus SJ

I first came across the Jesuits in Sidney. I remember thinking at the time that it was like coming home. It felt like fitting in with a group of travellers and companions of Christ who were like me. I became more and more attracted to their way of life, the nature of the people, their openness, generosity, reverence, gentleness and ...

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Damian Howard SJ

Exploring vocation as a young person can feel like a leap into the unknown. I am realising that I don’t know myself that well; I have questions about my gifts and weaknesses, my identity and what’s really important for me. Sometimes the questions can seem so big it can be tempting to leave God to do the work of self-discovery ...

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Ashley Evans SJ

On the night before I entered the Jesuits, I had to say goodbye to the Malahide Sea Scouts. I had been with them for nine years and had acted as “Skipper” for four. I had witnessed how many wild young fellows had rediscovered direction and purpose in their lives through the programmed activities of camping, boating and mountaineering. So when ...

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Niall Leahy SJ

Religious life today – a bridge between the past and the future This year marks the 200th anniversary of the restoration of the Society of Jesus and so we Jesuits are spending a little bit more time than usual reflecting on the past and seeing what we can learn from it. This practice is in line with the Second Vatican ...

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